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Bud Booster Water Filter


Bud Booster water filters for home and grower

The Bud Booster water filter will enhance the growth of flowering plants by eliminating chloramine and fluoride*.


I’m excited to bring you a brand new filter designed specifically for the horticulture industry.

Chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia used by an increasing number of cities to disinfect drinking water. It is thought to interfere with plant growth and may cause necrosis in leaves Like chlorine, it kills bacteria and will therefore kill microorganisms in soil. Both chlorine and chloramine also produce carcinogenic byproducts that may also affect plant growth and/or be absorbed within the plant.

Fluoride is known to inhibit phosphorous uptake in plants at levels typical in public water supplies. So by reducing or eliminating fluoride you can increase the size of your flowers. There is extensive research on this issue within the horticulture industry.

Many flower production facilities and greenhouses use reverse osmosis systems to remove both chloramine and fluoride. Unlike reverse osmosis the Bud Booster has no waste water. It filters all of the water as it passes from source to plants.

The first Bud Booster was put into production in June (2014) and the result was a 33% increase in flower weight compared to one of the most popular chloramine filters.

The Bud Booster is intended for use where the water source is surface water and the total dissolved solids content is below 300 ppm.


Click here to request specifications for Bud Booster - please specify which system you are inquiring about.


Bud Booster for Home Grower $350.

This system is intended for the horticulturist to use at home in a small greenhouse. It uses 1/4" tubing and flows are a rate of 1 gpm:

Bud Booster water filter for home


Bud Booster for Retail Grower: $450

This system is intended for a small commercial horticulturist or farmer with a large greenhouse. It uses 3/8" tubing and provides filtered water at a rate of 3 – 5 gpm:

Bud Booster water filter for grower


Commercial Bud Booster System - I can provide custom systems for warehouse growers to provide pretty much any desired flow rate. The system pictures provides up to 10 gpm of filtered water.
This photo illustrates both fluoride and chloramine filter systems. Call to discuss.


Commercial Bud Booster System, for chloramine and flouride removal


As with all of my water purification systems it is best to first locate your local water report and then call me to determine which system will suit your needs. Using this approach we can be sure we're providing you with the highest level of appropriately filtered water.

* Fluoride removal can be dependent on local water conditions including the presence of bicarbonates. Flow rate is another critical factor.



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