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On Aging


Deepak Chopra, on aging:


Q: How can I reverse my body aging?


A: There are three types of aging – chronological age (which is your age according to your date of birth), biological age (which is measured by looking at certain bio markers), and psychological age (which is dependent on your attitude.)


It is now known that psychological age correlates more closely to biological age than chronological age. If you have the attitude that you get better as you grow older in every way – physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially, then you will age in a much more graceful manner.

The well known biological markers of aging include: blood pressure, bone density, body temperature regulation, basal metabolic rate, immune function, sugar tolerance, muscle mass, muscle strength, skin thickness (amount of wrinkles) immune function, and sex hormone levels.

If you want to slow down or even reverse these bio markers of aging, then practice one or more of the following:

1. Change your perception of time. Don't be in a hurry.

2. Get restful sleep.

3. Eat fresh, nutritious food.

4. Take at least two multivitamins with minerals every day.

5. Practice a mind body technique such as yoga or tai chi.

6. Exercise regularly.

7. Don't put toxins in your life, including toxic food, toxic emotions, toxic relationships, and avoid toxic environments or toxic relationships.

8. Have a flexible attitude to minor hassles.

9. Look at so-called problems as opportunities.

10. Nurture loving relationships.

11. Always have an attitude of curiosity, learning, and wonder and spend time with children.



I would add the following practices:


Drink water that has been treated appropriately to remove contaminants.


Breathe clean fresh air.


May you live long and prosper.


Jim McMahon ecologist

James P McMahon Ecologist

"What's in YOUR Water?"

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Notice: The State of California prohibits the mention of studies that document the dangers of chlorine to its residents.  California prohibits the use of the term 'pure' or 'purify' and also prohibits any claims of the reduction of contaminants by non-certified water treatment devices.

I sell both certified and non-certified water treatment systems.  Even my non-certified systems use certified technologies in the filters.  Water purification is the process of removing unwanted contaminants from water.  The end result of that process is not likely to be pure water, nor is that necessarily desirable.  What is important about water purification systems is not whether or not they are certified but what claims are made about them and whether or not those are accurate.