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  Air Purifier Customers tell it like it is


"I couldn't stand the smell of cooking odors in my home.  Now, within 15 minutes of cooking, the odors are gone.  Also, I have always had allergies.  They're not bothering me anymore either.  I love this machine.  It works.  It's worth every penny.  I like it so much....."

 Pat O'Hara, Los Angeles


"To be honest, when I bought an air purifier from Jim my husband was not totally convinced that it was doing anything.  Then one night we went to bed and I left chicken baking in the oven.  We woke at 3 AM to a horrible repulsive acrid smell.  The next day we decided to put our air purifier to the test.  We put the unit on sanitize and took a ride.  When we came home, there was not a hint of odor remaining.  It did a splendid job.  It was awesome.  My husband was stunned and is now it's biggest fan."

 Linda Kenney, Lincoln, DE


"We had smoke damage in one of the apartments we rent.  We bought an air purifier from Jim and within days all sign of smoke odor was gone.  This little purifier has become an invaluable part of our business.  We use it every time we're preparing to rent an apartment."

Barbara Hebert, Pasadena, CA


"In years past we've always used live mantels and Christmas trees that affected my 14 year old son's allergies.  This year, using the air purifier, we noticed a definite improvement.  I love the sanitize feature.  With 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 kids the sanitize feature comes in handy."

Pam Gallagher, Germantown, TN


"It's really helped with our 3 dogs.  The house smells fresh and you can no longer tell we have them when you walk in the door.  Even my Mom, who has animal allergies, is able to stay with us without problems.  We have remarkably clean fresh air!"

Christie Martinez, Peoria, AZ


"I'm really pleased with the air quality in my apartment.  Everyone who comes over comments on how light the air is.  I used to have coughing spells in the night and that went away too.  The air purifier has been a real good experience for me."

   Mrs. Porter, Garland, TX


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