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Five ways to cheat death



Five ways to cheat death

From the January/February 2011 issue of Men's Health magazine


Live Higher Up - people who live at higher altitudes had a 22% lower chance of dying from heart disease.

Make Relationships Last - Adults with strong friendships or community involvement lived an average of 3.7 years longer.

Brush Your Teeth - People who brushed less than twice a day had a 70% higher risk of death from heart disease.

Breathe Clean Air - People who live in areas with good air quality live longer on average.

Accept Your Age - People who are happy with their age live 2 years longer than those who aren't.


I can't help you brush your teeth or live higher up but I can help you breathe clean air. Check out the best air purifiers available anywhere:

Here's a sixth tidbit from the same issue - according to the International Journal of Cancer, men who consumed the most nitrates - often found in leafy vegetables, hot dogs, spinach, and drinking water - were more likely to develop thyroid cancer. Play it safe by eating nitrate free meats, organic produce, and drinking purified water.

My custom reverse osmosis system will remove nitrates from your water. Send more information on your Custom Reverse Osmosis System to remove nitrates.

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