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Providing Home Water Filtration Systems

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In Chicago and Suburbs I recommend Sweetwater's custom reverse osmosis system for drinking water and the Urban Defender whole house water filter


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Providing Home Water Purification Systems for the Health Conscious Water Consumer

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Home Water Purification Systems

My name is Jim McMahon, a professional ecologist of some accomplishment. What is an ecologist, you might ask. Well, it's a person who has studied the natural function of our planet's life support systems; her rivers and forests, the ecosystems that support all living things. I launched my company, Sweetwater LLC, in September 2002 after an extensive search for a business that I could operate from home. I live in Durango Colorado where I look out on a forest of ponderosa pines while speaking with you on the phone. I was tired of the constant strife of the activist role and sought a way to continue to help people but with a greater focus on individuals. I chose water because I'd studied rivers in college and professionally and could build on my knowledge and experience. I provide home water purification systems and consulting services to people seeking a healthy lifestyle, or just trying to solve a water problem.

James P. McMahon
James P. McMahonEcologist
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