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Commercial Water Purification Systems


commercial water purification system to eliminate iron and hydrogen sulfide odors

When providing water purification for a restaurant or other business application the starting point in the process is still your local water report. I will make a specific treatment recommendation for your business based on that report.

The custom water purification system in the photo on the right serves a bath house at a retreat center in Utah where the incoming water was contaminated with high levels of iron and hydrogen sulfide, or rotten egg odors.

I've used this same system successfully on a remote ranch in Texas used for trophy hunting expeditions.

Urban_Defender with uv light

The photo to the left illustrates a customized Urban Defender whole house water filter with sediment pre-filter and UV light. The system serves the main building at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico. The goal is to remove sediment, disinfect, and remove chlorine and chlorine byproducts from the water serving seven apartments.

My Urban Defender can provide the very best, excellent tasting healthy water for  commercial water purification where the water supply is public water. 


water purification for restaurants, drinking water in restaurants, replacing bottled water in restaurantsOn a much smaller scale and if the physical and chemical features of the water permit, I highly recommend the commercial version of my Kitchen Defender to provide drinking water similar in taste to bottled spring water.  In fact you can replace bottled water with your treated tap water.

Please send information on your commercial Kitchen Defender. 



"We are thrilled with the taste of our water and ice........"

Tom McMullen, Paradigms Restaurant, Eagle, Colorado






I also provide a variety of treatment sizes and systems to meet your needs.  If you have need of a commercial water purification system I suggest you contact me. If you are requesting specifications by email I'll need you to complete the form below and tell me what you are inquiring about.

We need to discuss your specific location, water volumes, and water quality data (city water or well water) so that I may tailor the system to produce the very best water for you.

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