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 The Ten Most Common Toxins That Will Harm You


PCBs - avoid eating farm raised fish

Pesticides - present in fruits, vegetables, and meats.  Eat organic vegetables and free range aka grass fed meats.  Don't use bug spray or repellants on your skin.

Mold and Fungal Toxins - contaminated buildings, some foods like peanuts, wheat, corn, and alchohol

Phthalates - plastic wrap, plastic bottles, plastic food storage containers all leach phthalates into our food and water. 

Volatile Organic Compounds - drinking water, carpet, paints, deodorants, cleaning fluids, varnishes, cosmetics, dry cleaned clothing, moth repellants, air fresheners - avoid using air fresheners as they also put out formaldahyde.

Dioxins - eating commercial animal fats

Asbestos - insulation in floors, ceilings, water pipers and heating ducts, sometimes found in drinking water

Heavy Metals - drinking water, fish, vaccines, pesticides, preserved wood, antiperspirant, building materials

Chloroform - present in chlorinated drinking water and some food

Chlorine -  present in municipal drinking water, bleach, household cleaners.  See my list of natural cleaning methods.




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