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Thank you for purchasing a


Water Quality Consultation



Please call me now and we'll either talk or arrange a time to do so.  Please have your water quality data in hand if you have it.  If not, it's best to obtain it before we talk.  I can be of much greater help to you if I can see that.  If possible, you can fax me your data before we talk and that way I can look at it directly.  My fax number is 435-574-0903.  If not, I'll just ask you what your report says and make notes as we talk.


If you're on a well and don't have water test results, then we'll need to arrange for that.  I sell a variety of water tests and we'll make sure to get you the right one for your needs and goals.




And, as a customer of mine, you can feel free to email me if you're still confused about what to do.



Thank you for expressing confidence in me by making this purchase.  I truly hope that I have helped you to improve the water in your home.  Please don't forget to email me and give me feedback.  Let me know how it goes....what experience you have, or especially, any challenges you encounter. 

I will not share or rent or give your email address to anyone.  You have my word on that.




My name is Jim McMahon and I help people achieve healthy water in their homes. 



You may learn about the products I represent here:

When you call, you'll reach me directly.  Together, we will solve the water problems in your home.


I work with individuals and businesses across the country and internationally.


Thank you for asking,


Jim McMahon Sweetwater, LLC

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What's in YOUR Water?



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