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Customer Feedback

 A water treatment system for a farm

"After moving into an old farm house and for the first time subjected to well water, we were concerned about the quality and drinkability of our water. There were also those bluish stains in the sinkbowl. Jim recommended a full chemical analysis that ultimately put our minds at ease. The stains indicated a Ph imbalance that was corrected with an injection system. In addition to safe water the house plumbing is no longer in harms way. James and his team are highly recommended."

Ron & Renee, Hinckley Ohio

 Water Treatment System for San Jose, CA

"I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our water.  Before consulting with you, the house we had moved into was using a potassium salt softener and reverse osmosis.  The water tasted so bad to us, we used untreated water from the well until our new system could be installed.  One of the comments we often hear from family and guests is how sweet the water tastes.  It literally does.  It's comforting for us to know we are drinking water that not only tastes good but is safe and does not contain chlorine, chloramine, flourides or other nasty contaminates. Since we are on septic, it is very important to us not to add those poisons into our environment.  We are very happy with the water revitalizer.  It's amazing to see the water come out of the faucets in a swirling motion.  There are millions of tiny bubbles too, but when these dissipate, the water is crystal clear. There is one thing we are in the process of changing however.  We have decided to remove the salt softener.   I will note that this softener was part of our original system and we decided to include it since we had it.  My reason for removing this is based on observation regarding my freshwater aquarium.  The softened water kills the live food I feed my fish in about 2 days.  In addition, the plants and the fish were starting to decline.  Since using unsoftened water the aquarium and the live food is thriving.  I concluded that if the softened water was having such and immediate and detrimental impact on the health of my aquarium, it was doing the same to me and my family. The water revitalizer is doing a fine job of softening the water to our satisfaction.I would also like to comment on the ease of working with you.  Though we live in different states, you made it very easy helping us determine what was needed for our specific situation.  We greatly appreciated your availability by phone when the system was installed and the promptness in which you returned my phone calls when I had to leave a message.  Thanks again",

Kathleen Martin; San Jose, CA  


"Jim, I just wanted to send my thanks for your assistance recently.  After a certified (master) plumber installed the water treatment system you prescribed, it did not seem to be working.   It turns out that the installation was not done correctly.

In an era where most people pass the buck and claim that the problem isn’t theirs to fix, your willingness to work through the issues is outright exemplary.  Again, the installation of the product that I purchased from you was the culprit, not the product itself.  Please feel free to post this message to all prospective clients.  If anyone has concern about the after-sale assistance they will get from Sweet Water, they need not concern themselves.

I run a sales division for a large company and appreciate great customer service.  You are one in a million!

Thanks again for your relentless pursuit to ‘get it right’ regardless of the person / company responsible.

To all perspective clients – don’t trust anyone else.  Jim McMahon defines your need and provides you with exactly what is required – nothing more.  It’s refreshing to see someone take an honest interest in your water problem rather than attempt sell you what they have (even if it isn’t what you need).

 Thanks again",

Dan Billie; Washington, PA

 Water Treatment for Rotten Egg Odors in a Well

"Dear James, I am a holistic physician who owns a retreat center.  For my opening retreat, my new well made my beautiful new center smell like rotten eggs!  When I called you I was pleased to know that by pouring hydrogen peroxide from my local pool supply store I could solve my problem.  You saved my center! And it was so simple!  I am looking forward to the results from the water testing so I may remove anything else in there that is not compatible with health.  Clean air and pure water are two basics for a healthy body, mind and home.  Thank you for making mine healthy. Sincerely,"

Linda Hostalek, D.O. 

 Well Water Treatment Systems

"I have to admit Jim was hesitant to go off our results but I other wise convinced him I trusted the test results numbers I was given. Jim suggestions were straightforward and he offered solutions to our problems, which I have to say, were dead on correct. We have had no problems with the equipment we purchased from Jim and it went even further than that, please allow me to explain. One piece of equipment that we purchased from Jim I had a technical question that Jim could not answer. Jim quickly admitted he did not know the answer but proceeded to set up a 3-way conference call with the manufacturer to get my technical questions answered.  . I have worked with many people in my 32 years in the Oil & Gas industry and I can tell you from my experience Jim McMahon is top notch. You will not find anyone in the Industry who will work harder through out your entire experience with your water problems."

Gary Cartwright, Lake City TX

Water Treatment Systems for Iron 

"Hi Jim, it's been about 18 months since I first contacted you about finding a solution to my water filtration issues.  As you may recall, we have an artesian well which produces great water for us, however we have always had a moderately high iron count indicated by fixture staining and our whites being not so white.

After contacting a few of the local water treatment companies we were consistently told that we needed a water softener as the solution.  This probably would have solved the problem as well as conditioning the water with elements we didn't need nor did we want in our water.  All of this, for the sum of  about $3000 (several years ago).

I was extremely impressed with your knowledge and your passion for clean, healthful water.  From your office in Utah, you coordinated the testing, analyzed and discussed the results, then, engineered the proper system, which in my case was simply two large in-line filters, one to remove sediment and one to reduce the iron content.

How simple.  We are extremely pleased with the results.  In this case the cost was low, the installation was easy (which you detailed, as well) and the maintenance is minimal.  I change the sediment filter every 6 months and the iron (MAZ filter) every 12 months.

We have wonderful water.

I have passed on your name to others and have explained to them that their water problems will determine the solution and the cost to solve it, however, you can be assured that Jim will  not sell you more that you need or have you spend more than you have to and the result will be good, clean healthful water.

Thanks for your help and may you be encouraged to continue to help people enjoy that Heavenly gift of life,  good water.  Cheers,"

Keith Burton; Stafford Springs, CT

Water Treatment Systems for Hydrogen Sulfide Odors 

"Thank you Jim for your patient and exceptional guidance in analyzing my water problem, explaining the data to me and the process to fix it, and recommending equipment I needed.  The first time I turned on the tap and instead of stinky rotten egg water there was delicious odor free water flowing, it was like a miracle.  Whenever I am away from my house I miss the water - it is that much better than anything else I can buy in a bottle or get from a tap.  I now drink enough water which was never the case before.  So my health regimen has greatly improved by installing the system you designed for my house."

Lisa Meisinger, Stillwater, NY

 Water Treatment Systems for Well Water

"Relying on local government water testing and assuming your well water only needs softening is a big mistake.  Jim gave us clear and straightforward advice on testing and analyzing the results to design our water treatment system for our situation.  While other providers offered all in one filtration systems that propose to solve all your problems, Jim and his technical support team targeted the problem areas in our water and designed a system to give us the biggest bang for the buck. His professional approach and cost conscious attitude got us the exactly what we needed for our situation."

Mike Schierbeek; Moncure, NC


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