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Water Equipment Information Requests

Kitchen Systems


I've discussed these systems somewhat on the previous page. My three stage kitchen system is going to provide you with considerable protection at the kitchen sink and can also be attached to your refrigerator. I recommend this highly.

I've added a second system which provides the benefits of KDF and carbon at considerably lower cost.

Please select from the following options to let me know which of the following systems you would like to obtain additional information:

Three Stage Kitchen System - I recommend this system for those who wiish to achieve a high level of protection at the kitchen sink.


KDF/Carbon kitchen undercounter system - I recommend this system for those who wiish to do something to eliminate the chemicals added by public water supply systems while improving taste at an affordable price. This comes with a separate faucet and hosing and a canister containing a combination KDF/carbon filter. It does less, but it costs a lot less and can be a good place to start if budget is a concern. That's why I added it.


If you are on a private well or have a particular need that is not addressed by the units listed above, you can email or call me and ask about the equipment that can solve your issues and meet your goals. I carry a broad selection of equipment.

My name is Jim McMahon and I help people achieve healthy water in their homes.

I work with individuals and businesses from across the country and internationally.

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