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Healthy Communities



Healthy Communities Have Healthy Water


An important element in the development of any community is assuring healthy water in each home. Tap water today contains numerous regulated and non-regulated chemicals that are harmful, even carcinogenic. A modern sustainable community will have healthy drinking water by filtering the water appropriately at each home.

I can work with developers to provide healthy water to the residents of a community. Just as I do when I work with individuals, I perform an in-depth analysis of the water supply for a particular community and then prescribe the appropriate set of treatments to eliminate those contaminants.

If you're interested I also work with a team of individuals that can bring an entire design approach to green building, landscaping, and site design.

In either case, I'll need to know where you're located, your water source, project size, and goals. Feel free to inquire: Healthy Communities


"What's in YOUR Water?" 


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