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The Dangers of Drinking Water from Reverse Osmosis Systems

Every day people ask me about the supposed dangers of drinking water produced by reverse osmosis…so I’ve written this short article to answer your questions. From now on I will email this to people who ask the question.

First of all the entire premise of my work is that you cannot know what water filter or water purification system to use without first knowing what contaminants are present in your water. It is the contaminants and the technology required to remove them that determine what water filter you need. Period.

Some contaminants can only be removed by the technology of reverse osmosis. These include high total dissolved solids, nitrates, radioactive metals, and many other metals. Drinking water containing these contaminants is dangerous to your health and longevity.

When I recommend reverse osmosis because of these contaminants people inevitably ask me the following:

“But I hear that reverse osmosis strips the water of everything, including healthy minerals…” Continue reading “The Dangers of Drinking Water from Reverse Osmosis Systems” »