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People often wonder how much water to drink everyday

The issue of hydration is confusing at best


As I work at my desk I sip water but I don’t keep track of how much

First, I never drink unfiltered tap water. I most often drink filtered tap water. I prefer it to bottled water, although the quality of your water depends on where you live.

I’m sure you’ve read that you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water every day. I think that’s pretty arbitrary. The amount of water you need can very with your activity level, how hot it is outside, and whether it is humid or dry. 

If you’re thirsty have a drink.

Here’s an interesting article that talks about hydration and drinking water throughout the day.

The bigger problem I wonder about is what else I can drink when I’m feeling the need for some electrolytes or sugar. For a short time I added a couple glasses of fruit juice in the evening. My blood sugar and cholesterol skyrocketed. So it’s back to sipping filtered tap water for me. 

Interestingly I encountered this article on CNN which talks about drinks that are better than water for hydrating the body:

The researchers found that while water — both still and sparkling –does a pretty good job of quickly hydrating the body, beverages with a little bit of sugar, fat or protein do an even better job of keeping us hydrated for longer. – CNN

This finding was interesting to me. Basically, water is more hydrating if it has something in it. That’s rather surprising, at least to me. There is still no clear answer to how much water to drink everyday. I personally never drink unfiltered tap water. NEVER. If you’d like to learn how to filter the water at your kitchen sink, please visit my page on kitchen water filters.

And just for fun, Halle Berry posted a wet t-shirt photo along with serious hydration tips on her instagram account. It’s quite true that staying hydrated is good for your skin, your joints, and all body functions.




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