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Do You Have Iron in Your Water?

This page describes the filter I use to remove iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from well water

Sweetwater's AIO3 Iron Removal Systems
Remove Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide

Iron Removal System by Sweetwater LLC

Call me before you use any chemical treatments to remove iron from well water!


My iron water filters use all natural processes to remove iron from well water and also remove manganese, and hydrogen sulfide (or rotten egg odors).  In order to correctly prescribe the iron water filter, I will need to know how much iron is in your water as well as several other factors that affect the water treatment chemistry.  If you have iron in water but don't know how much, we'll use a water test to determine the levels of iron in water and then use my all natural system to remove iron from water.

Iron in water is often accompanied by manganese, low pH (see my acid neutralizer page), and hydrogen sulfide odors.  I try not to use chemicals to remove iron from well water.  My natural system to remove iron from water relies on ozone to oxidize the iron into rust and then a backwashing filter that will raise pH and remove the oxidized iron and remove manganese up to two ppm.  The filter media consists entirely of natural materials. 

You may request my product specifications and pricing here: Send information on your AIO iron system.  This is the base system and additional treatment may be required depending on the severity of your problem or if you have severe levels of hydrogen sulfide odors.

Pricing: 2 cu ft. AIO3 Water Filter for Iron: $2471. plus shipping

It's best if you can email your water test and then follow up with a phone call. If you don't have a water test, I can provide those here. The advanced AIO3 iron filter uses ozone to oxidize the contaminants and a katalox media to filter out the oxidiized solids. If you'd like to remove iron from water, be sure to inquire about the natural methods used by my iron water filter to remove iron from well water.


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