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Sweetwater's Kitchen Defender Product Reviews:


"Your Kitchen Defender purifying system is fabulous"

Ken George, Madison, WI


"We provide a detox program in our office and after investigating many water filter systems that would comply with the standards we have provided for our patients -  yours: the Kitchen Defender has lived up to all its expectations and our patients have all noticed the pleasant difference in our water…"

Dr Ilan Bohm, Director Office of Integrative Medicine NYC , NY


"We've had our Kitchen Defender water filter for a bit now and I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I really love drinking this water!  The water tastes great - much better than the RO water we were getting from the store.  We also love that we can now make ice and have cold water at the fridge that's also filtered."

Bob Welsh, Salem OR


"Within 24 hours after installation, we had proof that the "Kitchen Defender" water filtration system was beyond outstanding!  We had a different filtration system previously, but gray, gritty sediment consistently accumulated in the bottom of our stainless steel, electric kettle.  The "Kitchen Defender" was installed three months ago, and we're convinced it is protecting us from the toxic chemicals that exist in city water.  No more gray, gritty sediment ... only wonderful tasting, clear, pure water.  How valuable that is, especially to a cancer survivor!  Many thanks again, Jim.  Your ecological evaluation of our city water report addressed our specific needs for healthy drinking water. With best regards,"

Bert Grantham, Garland, TX


"I had come across your website approximately 7 months ago when I was seeking info on water purifiers. The amount of info on various water purifiers is quite frankly overwhelming and at times, contradictory. After months of researching multiple websites and talking to local vendors which sell purifiers & R.O. systems, I kept returning to your website. The thought of a custom built water purifier was very enticing but being a "natural-born-skeptic," I didn't call. Month after month I put off calling you. I suppose I expected some pushy salesperson trying to sell me a purifier I really didn't need or forcing me into adding tons of costly extras to a custom built system...but that never happened. I even went so far as to search for any negative comments (from prior clients & the Better Business Bureau) online about your company. What did I find? Plenty of positives and nothing to indicate otherwise. Well, to make a long story short, I called. We spoke about my water report and my options . Ultimately, I purchased the Kitchen Defender (3-filters) with a beautiful faucet upgrade. Now my family & I love the taste of our water. When friends ask about the purifier, I name your website without hesitation. It was a great experience and absolutely painless. I truly can't thank you enough for everything.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!  Sincerely,"

Yolanta Graniero (a.k.a. a very happy customer)


"The water is terrific!  The other day my family and I were out shopping and I wanted some water.. I ran into the deli to get a bottle of Poland Spring (something I used to do regularly) I couldn't believe it. It tasted like plastic and it had an after taste. It was then that I realized the amazing difference in my new system. We are all so pleased with it. Thanks so much Jim. Talk to you soon,"

Carrie Madonna; Bayville, NY


“Everyone in our family likes your Kitchen Defender water.  It tastes better than Poland Spring bottled water (much better).  I like the system. It has a nice flow.  I’ve had other systems that were slow and the water warm.  This is a very good system.  The water is very nice.” 

Gregory Kunin; Stamford, CT


"I talked with you this morning and thanked you for the great water purifier for my kitchen.  The taste of the water is great and I am saving money not to have water delivered in the plastic containers which I was never comfortable with.  I appreciate your honestly, integrity and the timeliness of sending me the equipment and the detailed installation instructions.  Above all I am so grateful for introducing me to Tony Malfetti, who installed the unit with the utmost professionalism and went beyond the call and fixed my kitchen faucet as well as well as my shower purifier.  He was kind and performed his job with a great positive attitude. I am sure I will use his service in the future. My deep gratitude for the job well done.  Best regards,"

Mahin Charles; San Francisco, CA


"It is really great to have clean water at my sink! And with such high pressure...other filters I've seen require that you stand at the sink forever as the water trickles out, so I am really happy with that feature! Also got the wrench...will keep it for future to help change the filters...

So, thanks for hanging in there with me and for all your efforts to make everything right. I am really happy with the felt good to have the water guy pick up all those 5 gallon plastic containers from my front door the other day." 

Amy Pollard; Ashland, OR


"Jim, I was about to email you earlier but guests came by.  David finished the installation in about 10 minutes.  I flushed it out as you instructed.  And man, does that water taste good.  It tastes like WATER, not Clorox! Thank you again for all your help and for helping provide healthy water for my husband and me. 

I enjoyed my shower this morning.  We have good water flow pressure and my children always complain that the water "beats them to death" when they are visiting.  The shower head filter provides a gentle flow but still has good pressure.  I'm not sure if I'll have to continue using hair conditioner.  My hair felt as though I had already used conditioner even before I had." 

Joyce Goza; Raeford, NC


"You have a great product in the Kitchen Defender.  My wife and children are happy with our new water system.  We are all cognizant of the taste of clean water. This system met our expectations and then some.   There is nothing more important in life than your health.  Water is essential to a healthy life.  Thanks for making a daily difference for us.  I have shared your information with close friends."

Michael Perry, Omaha, NE


"Just a short note to let you know that we received and installed Sweetwater's under-the-counter reverse osmosis system a few weeks ago and are really happy with it.  There is such a huge difference in the taste of tap and bottled water as compared to what we get out of our filter.  We should have installed one earlier just for the better taste." 

Tom and Tanya Frazier; The Woodlands, TX


“I wanted to tell you that I love the new KDF showerhead I purchased through you.  It is very sturdy and I was pleasantly surprised that it was the standard size and I simply unscrewed the old one with my hands and installed the new one.” 

Julie Gamble


"Wow! This water is really great.  It's like water I remember from when I was a child. Really delicious and boy does it make one great cup of coffee.  Thanks for your great product and excellent service."

 Terese Audino; Park Ridge, IL


"I normally NEVER drink tap water.  Since installing my Kitchen Defender the water actually tastes a little sweet.  It's really good and I drink it all the time."

Susan D'Angelo; Roswell, GA


"After installing & flushing the filter system I couldn't wait to taste it. No funny after-taste! It almost has a sweet taste to it, at least compared to the filtered water we used to get from from the reverse osmoses machine. I really like the taste and my wife loves the sink mounted faucet. After 30 years of marriage your learn to do what makes your wife happy.   

     Greg Shoup; 'Still Married' in Mira Loma, CA


Jim, Thank you for the water information updates.  I just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied with the water filter you set up for us to filter out chloramine and fluoride. A month ago I was wondering to myself, how do I know if the filter is really effective?  Chloramine pretty much eliminates the taste and smell of chlorine.  I was thinking about finding a test kit for chloramine. Well, last week I got an answer.  We have been sharing our filtered water with our friend, Judith, who doesn't have a water filter.  When Judith goes away, she leaves her fish with us.  It is in a small, 6 inch diameter bowl.  Yesterday we were having supper with Judith and I asked her what water she used to clean and change the fish bowl.  She said she used the water she got from our filter.  Then it dawned on me. I know that one of the issues with chloramine is that it is will kill fish if it is not neutralized and that pet stores sell some chemical to do this.  If our filter was not effective in filtering out the chloramine, Judith's fish would be dead! So we thank you, Judith thanks you, and Judith's fish thanks you!"

David McFeeters; Shelburne, VT


"I love my Kitchen Defender.  For the longest time i knew i wanted to get a drinking water filter, but I was hung up because I knew that I didn't know what type of filter I needed for the particular contaminants in our water and I couldn't face beginning what for me would have been a long, difficult research project to find out. So, i kept putting it off and kept drinking Poland Spring from a plastic bottle. When I finally decided to try to get some help figuring out what to do, I found Jim's website, liked what I read, sensed he was the real deal, and decided to risk the consulting fee of $75 to see if he could help figure out what we needed. And, he did. Quickly. He got the report on our water from the water company, figured out what we needed to filter out , and what filters would do the job. I'd thought it was going to cost around $2000, because that's what somebody I know paid for a distillation system, but the system Jim suggested cost about $300. It's so great to have an endless supply of good water -- not to mention the free counter space where the old water crock used to be. I couldn't be happier with the system -- which, if you want to know which one it is, ask Jim."  

Joan Wilder; Hull, MA (of 'Romancing the Stone' & 'Jewel of the Nile' fame)  


"I wanted to send you a follow-up note after installing the Kitchen Defender filtration system.  It's a very nice kit -- good quality parts, assembly and packaging materials.  What a class act.  Especially nice is the included Touch-Flo faucet, which is an improved design over the faucet that came with my previous MultiPure undersink model.

Now on to the important points:  the water!  The water tastes so much better than provided by my old filtration system.  After installation of the Kitchen Defender, my water is clear, smells fresh, is nicely aerated with tiny bubbles, and is quite good.  It's still not so "sweet" as the best mountain waters of my memories (Ah... the summit at Lassen State Park in No. California -- I hated to leave that spigot on the roadside!).  Not perfect, but this gets close and pretty darn good for city water.   Right now,  I'd say the water is tasting as good or better than Crystal Geyser.  At over a $1/liter when they're running a special sale at Walgreen's, I think I'm doing much better with the Kitchen Defender.  Plus, it's cleaner, living water. 

Thanks again, Jim, for all your suggestions for making my water healthier and great tasting".

 Randy Krelle; San Francisco


"I just had my Kitchen Defender installed.  It's FANTASTIC!  After flushing the system for a good 20+ minutes I am excited to say I LOVE THIS WATER.  It is hard to believe that the nasty county water was transformable into such great tasting water.  I did a lot of research on choosing the proper water system for my home and really appreciate your approach.  It just makes sense not to buy a system that targets the specific problems of my water rather than a generic system.  Thank you for all of your help and fantastic customer service."    

Pam Velez, Tampa, FL 


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