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Sweetwater's Kitchen Defender®

Water Filter

3 stage Kitchen Defender® water filter


Are you looking for a water filter that is effective at removing the contaminants in your city water? 

Sweetwater's Kitchen Defender water filter is designed to remove the contaminants added by public utilities to otherwise reasonably good water. The 3 stage system will remove chlorine, chloramine and their carcinogenic byproducts, the trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids (look for these in  your local water report), pesticides and other volatile organic compounds (vocs).

Cities add chlorine to water in order to eliminate water borne diseases. When chlorine interacts with organic material in the water (leaves, debris, etc.) it creates a group of carcinogenic compounds known as the trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAA5). An effective filter will remove these carcinogens as well as chlorine. Learn how dangerous these are here.

Some cities are now adding chloramine, a combination of chlorine and ammonia, in order to reduce the level of the regulated byproducts (THMs and HAA5s). Unfortunately chloramine creates its own byproducts which are equally toxic but currently unregulated (and therefore not listed in your local water report which you can find here). In any case if your goal is to drink water free of carcinogens then you need a filter that is designed to remove all of them, not just chlorine. Most companies brag about their filter's ability to remove chlorine and fail to mention these other harmful compounds. You need more carbon to remove these chemicals which is why I use a 3 stage system. Some people wonder about having two stages of carbon but I am using different types of carbon in each stage and they are performing different functions. You can read more about this below in my description of each stage.

Many cities also add fluoride. Unless you want to drink fluoride you want to look for a product that claims to remove or reduce fluoride. This metal is difficult to remove and effectiveness can be limited by other characteristics of your water.

Generally unlisted in a water report will be other chemicals added by cities generically refered to as coagulants. These can contain sodium, alumina, ammonia or other chemicals which they will not mention specifically.

The Kitchen Defender water filter is designed to remove these chemicals while leaving in minerals and having no affect on the natural physical characteristics of the water. Physical characteristics include mineral content, alkalinity, hardness, and minerals.

Examples of locations where the Kitchen Defender is ideally suited would be Seattle, San Francisco and East Bay, Portland, Boston, and New York City. Such locations have protected water supplies which are renewed by rain and melted snow. We can check your local water report to see if you can use the Kitchen Defender where you live.

The Kitchen Defender does not remove contaminants such as nitrates, pharmaceuticals, radioactive metals, or high levels of dissolved solids (aka minerals or tds). If your water contains these contaminants you need to use Sweetwater's custom reverse osmosis system which you can see here.

The Kitchen Defender is an effective water filter because it consists of three stages and four technologies as follows:

Stage 1: An alumina oxide filter intended to remove (or reduce) fluoride. It will also reduce arsenic and barium if present. Fluoride is a difficult metal to remove and actual results will depend on factors beyond your control, including the presence of bicarbonate, as well as pH, water temperature, and flow rate.

Stage 2: starts with one pound of high quality KDF® media. KDF consists of copper and zinc granules which create a tiny electrical charge when in solution (water). This electrical charge creates an anti bacterial environment within the filter system. I do this because bacteria tends to build up on granular carbon surfaces. KDF also eliminates selected heavy metals and creates an oxidation/reduction reaction which ionizes the water. The alumina oxide filter does not release aluminum, in case you're wondering, but if it did the KDF would pick it up.

Also in stage 2 is granular catalytic carbon. This is the ONLY carbon that will remove chloramine. GAC filters do not remove chloramine. Catalytic carbon is the most effective carbon on the market.

Stage 3: consists of a coconut carbon filter with 5 micron filtration. This sweetens the taste of the water by polishing it, by that I mean removing any remaining chlorine and chlorine byproducts or pesticides.

Together these combine in a synergistic effect to create the most effective water filter on the market today. Bar none. Customers tell me that their water tastes sweet and delicious. I am quite proud of what I have developed.

Don't be Fooled!

Most single stage and refrigerator water filters only remove chlorine. Water filters are only tested for the removal of chlorine and companies touting thier effectiveness will talk about chlorine removal. Removing chlorine will make the water taste better but it will not make the water healthy to drink.

The Kitchen Defender water filter comes in a kit ready to assemble:


 Sweetwater's Kitchen Defender with optional UV light

The system also includes its own separate faucet as treated water is delivered to a drinking water faucet that is separate from your regular kitchen faucet.

There are two faucet options:

 The faucet on the right is standard and on the left is an upgrade version.

The Kitchen Defender fits under your sink, connects to your cold water supply and delivers filtered water it's own designated faucet. You can see it here:

Kitchen Defender water filter


The under sink dimensions are 17" long, 16" tall, and 6" wide and easily fits under any sink.

For detailed specifications and pricing please request them here:

Yes! Send me your Kitchen Defender specifications

The Kitchen Defender water filter sells for $360, plus $24 shipping.


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When choosing a water filter to treat city water with chlorine or chloramine and fluoride, the Kitchen Defender is an excellent choice. It is reasonably priced and effective at removing the contaminants added by cities in their attempt to protect you. The Kitchen Defender is far more effective than single stage filters which may remove chlorine and make the water taste better but they will not remove the other carcinogens in city water, including the trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, both of which require more contact time with the filter media (carbon) to acheive removal.

Request my specifications today and you'll be quite please with the results.

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