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Kitchen Defender Water Filter or Reverse Osmosis System

designed by ecologist James P McMahon

James P McMahon, ecologist

Which do you need?

Buy the kitchen water filter or reverse osmosis system that removes the contaminants in YOUR water

When I first started in this business, back in 2002, people like you kept asking me for a kitchen water filter that removed harmful chemicals, kept the minerals, and removed fluoride, so I designed the Kitchen Defender™ under sink water filter.

I believe it is the best under sink water filter in the marketplace. As I gained experience I realized that you can't just buy an under sink water filter online or in a store and be sure you're actually getting the right one to achieve a goal of drinking healthy have to learn what's in your water first and then buy the product that removes those contaminants. So I found a really good reverse osmosis system and modified it to be even more effective. Sweetwater's custom reverse osmosis is better than systems that cost three times as much.

Now I sell both, depending entirely on your needs...if you buy what I suggest you will have healthy water. See my custom reverse osmosis ssytem here... ro

Is your family drinking healthy water?

I recommend either my

Sweetwater's Kitchen Defender Water Filter or Custom Reverse Osmosis System 

based on a review of your water report

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How Do You Decide What to Buy?

If you've been reading my website, you now realize that the entire premise of my business is that you can't buy a kitchen water filter or any an under sink water filter of any kind without first looking at your local water report.

Sweetwater's Kitchen Defender Water Filter

Everyone's water is different. There is no one size fits all filter, although it is true that you could just buy my reverse osmosis in any situation and you would be covered. However,  you may not need reverse osmosis. If you live in Seattle, San Francisco or the East Bay (CA) for instance, my Kitchen Defender is actually a better choice and less expensive. This is true anywhere that has a protected water source such as a reservoir that stores rain or melted snow. Your goal in that case is simply to remove the chemicals added by your city.

Kitchen Defender water filter

Sweetwater's Kitchen Defender water filter

and assembly kit


The Kitchen Defender water filter sells for $386 plus shipping - all orders are by phone


Click on this link for detailed specifications: 

Yes! Send me your Kitchen Defender SpecificationsFilter 

"I just had my Kitchen Defender installed.  It's FANTASTIC!  After flushing the system I am excited to say I LOVE THIS WATER.  It is hard to believe that the nasty county water was transformable into such great tasting water.  I did a lot of research on choosing the proper water system for my home and really appreciate your approach.  It makes sense to buy a drinking water filter that targets the specific problems of my water rather than a generic system.  Thank you for all of your help and fantastic customer service."    

Pam Velez, Tampa, FL


“Everyone in our family likes your Kitchen Defender drinking water filter.  It tastes better than Poland Spring bottled water (much better).  I like the system. It has a nice flow.  I’ve had other systems that were slow and the water warm.  This is a very good system.  The water is very nice.” 

Grigory Kunin; Stamford, CT



The filter you need depends not on your personal preference but on the contaminants present in your water. I sell is a reverse osmosis system that I have customized to increase its effectiveness. Some contaminants absolutely require a reverse osmosis system to eliminate them from drinking water. When we review your water report we'll discuss these in depth.

Sweetwater's Custom Reverse Osmosis System

Sweetwater's Custom Reverse Osmosis System


How is it customized? I start with a five stage reverse osmosis system. I remove one carbon block filter and replace it with a filter that consists of 1 lb of KDF™ and the remaining space with catalytic carbon. This enhances the effectiveness by: creating an anti-bacterial environment inside the filters, easing stress on the membrane, and the catalytic carbon removes chloramine, something that many RO systems do not do. The KDF also oxidizes arsenic enabling the membrane to remove it.

In addition I add a calcite filter as the last stage in order to raise the pH of the drinking water.

Sweetwater's custom reverse osmosis system sells for $675 plus shipping - all orders are by phone.


I purchased a reverse osmosis system from Sweetwater 4 years ago because Jim had the most logical approach both to detoxifying city water and adjusting it for drinking quality.  I have been very pleased with the results.  When the system suddenly quit working, I was equally pleased with the customer service Jim provided over several days while we figured out what the problem was.  I am a very satisfied customer!

Isabel Calingaert
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

 Click here to request my Reverse Osmosis System Specifications and pricing


How do we determine which kitchen water filter is appropriate for you?


First...I speak with every customer by phone and actually look at your water quality report, review the contaminants present, and provide the product that will remove those contaminants from your water. If you don't do that you can't possibly know whether you're buying the best product for your situation...or not. Probably not. won't find a shopping cart on this website. You call me to discuss your situation and we make absolutely sure you're getting the system that you need. You tell me your goals and I'll tell you whether a kitchen water filter or reverse osmosis system will meet those goals. I'll tell you what I would buy if I was drinking your water. The focus of my work is your health  TheThe



The water tastes so much better than provided by my old filtration system.  After installation of the Kitchen Defender, my water is clear, smells fresh, is nicely aerated with tiny bubbles, and is quite good.  It's still not so "sweet" as the best mountain waters of my memories (Ah... the summit at Lassen State Park in No. California -- I hated to leave that spigot on the roadside!)

 Randy Krelle; San Francisco


Do you want the very best under sink water filter?

The answer is complicated. What you need depends on what contaminants are in your water to begin with. I refer you to my discussion on that topic here, but if your water supply is clean enough that a kitchen water filter can remove the contaminants then my Kitchen Defender is superior to others on the market. It uses four separate technologies in three stages to provide you the most complete protection available: removing chlorine, chloramine, all chlorine byproducts, reducing or removing fluoride and arsenic, and providing a 5 micron sediment barrier. Besides chlorine or chloramine there are other carcinogens in your water. Of particular concern in every public water supply are the disinfection byproducts. The Kitchen Defender water filter will remove these while also removing or reducing fluoride. 

"Chlorine in water destroys protective acidophilus, which nourishes and coöperates with the 3 to 3.5 pounds13 of immunity-strengthening “friendly” organisms lining the colon, where about 60 percent of our immune cells operate.14 And chlorine combines with organic impurities in the water to make trihalomethanes (THMs), or chloramines."

The Negative Health Effects of Chlorine

Joseph G. Hattersley

Send me your Kitchen Defender Specifications and PricingFi 


KD cold water adapterKD faucet

cold water adaptor and faucet supplied with each system


Third, whatever I sell you will remove the contaminants in YOUR water.

The 3 stage Kitchen Defender is ideal for city water that comes from a protected water source. One benefit of using Sweetwater's Kitchen Defender is knowing that you're using the best kitchen water filter for the purpose of making your water healthy - by removing the harmful chemicals added by public water systems. However in most cases the water calls for different treatment such as reverse osmosis.

Finally, a Chinese study using a filter with similar components to the Kitchen Defender showed that drinking filtered water makes you and your children smarter. (seriously)

Some contaminants cannot be removed by any basic carbon water filter and will require a reverse osmosis system, which provides more thorough purification.  Examples include nitrates, pharmaceuticals, radioactive metals, and high dissolved solids (tds over 250 ppm).

The point is: we don't know until we look at your water report.  That's why we talk. It would be much easier for me to sell filters online but then I would have no way of knowing if you've ordered the right product for your situation. Talking to every potential customer is exhausting but effective.

Please watch this short video which clearly demonstrates that chlorine is absorbed by your body when you drink unfiltered tap water:


Fourth, one of the first things I look at when reviewing your water report is the source of your water. If your water comes from a river and there are cities upstream of where you live then I will suggest you use my custom reverse osmosis system - due to the presence of extremely dangerous unregulated contaminants. These will not be listed in your water report because EPA does not yet regulate them. Please feel free to read this news story by the Associated Press in which drugs from upstream cities are present in the water of 43 million Americans:

Drugs in Your Water

If your goal is to provide healthy water for your family then we must remove what the city has added as well as any unregulated contaminants if they are present. Only reverse osmosis will remove these. You may read more about that here. I also recommend my reverse osmosis system for water with high total dissolved solids, nitrates, sulfates, arsenic, radioactive metals, hexavalent chromium and unregulated contaminants such as pharmaceuticals.


reverse osmosis system, Sweetwater's custom reverse osmosis system
Sweetwater's 6 stage custom reverse osmosis system

Click here to request my Reverse Osmosis System Specifications and pricing

My custom reverse osmosis system for city water sells for $675 - all orders are by phone

I customize my reverse osmosis system to ionize the water, create an anti-bacterial environment inside the system and a final stage to raise the pH making it slightly alkaline. Other options are also available including UV light, arsenic removal, and removal of high dissolved solids.

This photo shows my RO with an oversized storage tank and pump mounted in the basement to serve multiple faucets in the kitchen above.

Urban Defender and Sweetwater's RO


So....if you work with me we will transform your water and make it a vibrant source of hydration for your healthy lifestyle.

There are numerous online stores where you can buy the wrong product. No one else takes the time to look at your water report and make a recommendation.  Using my Kitchen Defender or custom reverse osmosis system guarantees healthy water for your family.

Finally, people often hear the rumor that reverse osmosis wastes water. I disagree. The process of reverse osmosis uses water to provide you with a high purity drinking water. An environmental life cycle assessment showed that using a reverse osmosis system at home was between 8 and 19 times more environmentally friendly than drinking bottled water.


Product reviews:


"I want to say thank you for the best tasting water I've ever drank in my life"  - Johan Lorenzo, Loxahatchee, FL


"I can’t believe the difference in the water since I installed your Kitchen Defender, it actually tastes good, I have never noticed that kind of difference in any other filters I had over the years. Thank you."

Robin Antar, Brooklyn, NY

"Can I tell you how much I love your water. When we travel we bring it with us. And when we eat at friend's homes we bring it and they drink it too!"

 Heidi Marohn, Takoma Park, MD



For undersink filters that treat raw stream and rainwater see my rainwater page


"We love the Kitchen Defender. The water tastes so good. We are thrilled! Thanks for everything."

Lily Vose-O'Neal, Northhampton, MA  



"Wow! This water is really great.  It's like water I remember from when I was a child. Really delicious and boy does it make one great cup of coffee.  Thanks for your great product and excellent service."

 Terese Audino; Park Ridge, IL



"Jim, I was about to email you earlier but guests came by.  David finished the installation in about 10 minutes.  I flushed it out as you instructed.  And man, does that water taste good.  It tastes like WATER, not Clorox! Thank you again for all your help and for helping provide healthy water for my husband and me. 

Joyce Goza; Raeford, NC


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living water, water revitalizer

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“Dear Jim, you make me realize in a special way how our happiness depends on direct human relationships, with nothing standing in the way between full and honest communication of what knowledge each of us has.  Bless your enterprise.”

Russell DuPree, Freeport, Maine


I help people achieve healthy water in their homes

To read more about this topic see this Wikipedia article

"What's in YOUR Water?"

James P McMahon, ecologist
James P McMahon



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