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Mercury in your water is extremely toxic in even the smallest amounts


I can remove mercury from your water


Independent test results on my whole house system show that it eliminates 99% of the mercury in your water. We can then 'polish' your water and remove the remaining mercury using one of my kitchen systems.


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I can remove mercury with my Urban Defender and my Kitchen Defender.




You see this lovely mountain stream? This is in Utah, in front of my home.

Scientists have now discovered mercury in fish downstream. This is thought to come from gold mines in Nevada, which are not regulated for mercury emissions. The metal is distributed throughout the Intermountain West on the wind. It is then moved into our high mountain streams by rain. Another source is unregulated coal mines in China.


What once was pristine is now contaminated.


Don't believe me? Read this: Mercury from Gold Mines


Or this: Mercury in Water


Don't assume that your water is safe.


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