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Miscellaneous Customer Comments


“Dear Jim, you make me realize in a special way how our happiness depends on direct human relationships, with nothing standing in the way between full and honest communication of what knowledge each of us has.  Bless your enterprise.”

Russell DuPree, Freeport, Maine



Shower Filter


"Dear Jim,

Just to let you know how much I am impressed and am enjoying the rainwater shower  filter...I have used a number of filters for the shower in the past, all have removed the chlorine, and all were acceptable.  However after several weeks with out a filter in my new home, I installed the one you sent that has the crystals in it.  I was really amazed and pleased at the quality and feel of the water on my hair and skin.  It felt like the soft water we had when I was a child.

Also, since I have that shower on a hand held shower head, I recently washed my dog, and her coat is fluffy and has remained cleaner and without odor longer (two weeks now) and I think that is the filters action in rinsing her so well. I am so looking forward to having the drinking water filter installed and expecting I will experience the same outstanding quality you have supplied me here. 

Thanks for your commitment to excellence."

Carole A. Terry; Los Gatos, Ca 



 Sweetwater's Iron Removal System


"We wanted to take the time to thank you for our new water system.  In this day in time we are getting used to accepting 'pretty good' or 'fairly good' as the norm, so when we received 'great' or 'excellent we must give credit where credit is due.  Your system fits in this category.  The water is crystal clear and tastes like mountain water is supposed to.  You and  your system not only met our expectations, but exceeded them.  It has been a pleasure working with you throughout the process."

Ralph and Nancy Peterson, Jasper, GA


"Our iron system performs exactly as you said it would.  My wife is VERY happy.  You have another satisfied customer."

John Broome, New Lebanon, NY


"The system is performing excellently. The first day it was installed the bad odor was gone. No more stains in tubs and sink." 

Braulio Cabral, Falling Waters, VA


"The iron system is fine; our water is clean and the toilets aren't stained.  My bride is happy! As a matter of fact, the system seems to have had a softening effect on our water - a fringe benefit we hadn't expected but are happy to have."

Jim & Jacquie Stutzman; Guemes Island, WA



Ultra Violet Light


Well, all in all I think you did a great job helping me from so far away. Your web site 

is what prompted me to call and you did the rest.  A million thanks to you and all you did.  Your expertise would be invaluable in New Orleans!!!  Again many thanks.

Jeannette French;  Manassas Va



 My Service


"Thank you for your prompt attention and service in my recent purchase of a water filter.  I am in the customer service profession, so it is especially nice to work with someone who understands what it means to ‘exceed expectations’.  You certainly did that for me.  I appreciate the knowledge and help you provided me in my unique water situation and could not be more thrilled with the performance of the unit you had custom built for me.  I am looking forward to sending all my friends and clients your way as I truly believe pure drinking water is the #1 foundation for good health.  Warmest regards,"

Meredith Martin; San Francisco


"Jim, It's really nice to have someone to give me actual advice on the subject of water treatment.  I'm used to dealing with salesmen who are just quoting what they've learned from a training manual or video.  Your being an ecologist really helps ease my mind in this matter.  While I don't immediately take what I am told and run with it, I do take the advice given and perform my own research and then pair that with the advice to make a sound decision.  My goal is to make the water and air in our home as clean and pure as possible."

Larlon Hinton, Fort Washington, MD



Insights Into Working With Me


"Having recently acquired from Jim McMahon a water system for my home, I thought that others in similar circumstances might benefit from my comments about the experience.  In short, Jim has proved to be an invaluable resource for acquiring the ideal water system to meet one’s needs at reasonable cost.

The fundamental problem with water systems is that most vendors (your local plumber or well driller, the major chains like Lowe’s, or the makers of treatment systems) all seem to offer but a single solution, whatever the problem, which in most cases is not even determined.  And even the Internet isn’t much help, for the most attractive websites do not offer the best system--much less, a system designed to solve an individual’s problems. 

Jim sent me his ultimate guide (IMHO the best information available on the subject, a clear, readable and technically comprehensive text), which I read thoroughly before calling his 800 number. 

see Doug's entire comment here: Whitney

Douglas Whitney, Chadds Ford, PA


"Jim McMahon IS who he says he IS and he DOES what he says he will DO.  Even my skeptical, bib-overalled husband is a believer now.  I'm a satisfied customer"

see Sherron's entire comment here: Cunningham

Sherron, and yes, Ronnie Cunningham

Symsonia, Kentucky



Water Testing


"It was a pleasure talking with you concerning water testing.  You are very knowledgeable in your field and we had some interesting conversations.  Before we spoke, I was under the impression I needed some type of water purification system for my well.  After speaking with you, I decided to first test the well to determine if I had any concerns.  The money was well spent on the water test.  The test revealed I had very good water with no contaminants.  You actually save me money.  Thanks for your help."

Gene Pategas; Andover, Vermont



My Ultimate Guide


“Hi, thanks!  This guide is extremely informative, well written, and addresses so many issues that people either don't know about, don't think about, or (perhaps) don't really care about.  Additionally, it has the distinct virtue of not wailing on about ancillary matters which are really not integral to the information required and how to obtain it, perhaps the most important issue, and well presented without being exhaustive.  I think your guide is probably one of the most valuable tools available to anyone wishing to acquire or replace a water treatment system for their own use.

Thanks again, and best wishes going forward.”

Ken Case, Las Vegas, Nevada


"Quite sincere Jim - You always stay on the subject - Do not promise the magic elixir - always professional.  I respect you very much and hope one day to know as much as you about this complex subject.  Regards

Max Hazelwood



"I've read your guide and the emails you sent and the testimonials on your site, but my biggest impression came the first time we spoke.  I'm very intuitive when it comes to people.  You came across to me as very sincere and helpful.  That's why I've ordered from you today.  I'd like to meet you someday and I mean it when I say that."

Bob Lyon; Lakewood, CO



My Free Natural Cleaning Tips


"I am a homemaker with a fabulous husband of 11 years.  We have 9 and 6 1/2 year old daughters and year by year everything is more expensive.  So, we have had to get creative to keep me a stay at home mom and to stay healthy.  While researching, I stumbled upon your website and I am so happy to see all the ways we can be healthier, happier, and cleaner for less money.  We all know how expensive cleaning supplies are!

I know all about having "enough time" to do all you want to do.  So, thank you for taking the time to post such important information.  I am looking forward to sharing this with my friends."

The Grimes Family

Port Angeles, WA



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