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The Most Important Information You Need
Before You Purchase Water Treatment Equipment
Of Any Kind.  

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 Ultimate Guide to Selecting the
Perfect Water Treatment System


"Jim provides a beacon of light in the confusing realm of water treatment..."

Nick Quintana


My Ultimate Guide will provide you the FACTS
about how to treat your water.



Now With a Section on Drugs in Your Water


"The guide is great. Very informative. Well worth the money."

Cheryl Constant


You've probably come to this site because you're not sure what type of water treatment you need. My Guide tells you how to figure that out. 

Are you confused by all the websites offering the very best product?  They can't all be the best - and they're not. 

Have you had a local water treatment salesman put drops in your water?  Did that clear things up or leave you confused?  Did he offer a huge discount if you buy the same day?  What does that tell you?

I eliminate the confusion by providing a step by step process that will lead you through the decision making process to the point where you know with certainty what system you want.

Most people look around and find a water purifier that either has an endorsement or sounds impressive or (most often) is inexpensive and buy it. 

I'm suggesting a different approach - you look at your water and what's wrong with it and then buy the system that solves your problems.

It's very easy to purchase the wrong equipment.  Many people do exactly that. 


Before You Purchase any Water Treatment System
Learn the Mistake that Most People Make


"Jim provides valuable information to people seeking to improve their water quality.  It's important to identify what contaminants are in the water in order to determine which water treatment equipment is best able to remove them."

Marianne R. Metzger National Testing Labs 


Read my Guide and follow the steps and you will solve the water problems in your home.
I guarantee it!


My name is Jim McMahon

and I help people achieve healthy water in their homes.... 

I've developed my ultimate guide based on my 30 years of experience as an  ecologist.  I've worked on water quality, developed a watershed plan for the Mackinaw River in Illinois, restored river reaches to natural shapes, restored wetlands, worked to save endangered fish in Utah, and worked as an ecologist for 30 years.  You can see my bio and resume here: Bio (still in doubt: search google for James P McMahon)

Working with native fish and learning what's killing them led me to realize what we've done to our rivers, lakes and drinking water.  It's also made me realize that if you are drinking untreated water from a public water system you are poisoning yourself and your family.  I document this in the guide and provide the references to prove it.

Water and water quality is a complex topic and it's hard, without a tremendous amount of study, to figure out exactly what you need to do for your family.  And many local water equipment salespeople take advantage of this complexity.  I have a different perspective from local water equipment vendors because of my experience.  What's different about what I do is that I facilitate a process of discovery in which you learn what you need in order to make the best decision for your family. 


"I purchased and read your guide and am ready to go to the next step to get our water purified.  I have been searching for the right water treatment system for several months now (that's how I discovered your site).  Until I read your guide and site information, I was basically confused by the systems out there and unsure whether they even did what they advertised. 

Your information has helped take the confusion out of water purifying."

Mike Schierbeek Moncure, NC  


Because knowing what you need is so confusing, I wrote my Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Water Treatment System.  You too can benefit from the information contained in this Guide.  I'm making this guide available to you because I want you to make the correct choices for yourself.  There are no strings attached to this offer.  If you want to work with me further, that would be great.  If not, that works too.  Plus, I'll reveal to you the secret that no one is telling you about your water!


Here's a taste of what you'll learn in my Ultimate Guide:

- Mistakes people make when buying a water system

- Four things to think about when setting goals for your family

- The SECRET no one is telling you about your water

- The health hazards of chlorine and trihalomethanes in your water

- How to learn what's in YOUR water

- Treatment choices: carbon, filtration, reverse osmosis, softening, or purification

- Which treatments eliminate which contaminants.  I provide the list you need.

- Which treatments do you need to eliminate your contaminants?

- Where to treat: whole house or kitchen sink

- What system do you need?  I provide the tools to decide.

- What to do next....


"Jim's Ultimate Guide is the best information available on the subject, a clear, readable and technically comprehensive text."

Douglas Whitney, Chadds Ford, PA



If you're serious about wanting better water in your home, then this is the place to begin.  Now, before you do anything else....


read my:


Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Water Treatment System:


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"The guide is excellent.  Many Thanks."

Andy Petaski


What's in YOUR Water?


James P McMahon



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