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Sweetwater's Custom Reverse Osmosis System

 Customer Reviews

"Just wanted to give you a huge thanks for our new reverse osmosis system.  My girlfriend and I moved into a new apartment and noticed our energy and health was degrading rapidly.  I finally thought it may be the water because every time we drank it our mouths were more dry and we felt dehydrated.  I randomly looked up Sweetwater and began a dialogue with Jim.  He was amazingly helpful from the start.  He picked the perfect filter for our home, and since that time our health and energy have been amazing.  All our friends love to come over just to try our water.  My cousin even let her baby try his first water with our system because she wanted it to be pure.  I cannot thank Jim enough for how much he and his work have changed our life."

Joe LeBlanc, San Jose, CA


"Jim, your reverse osmosis system is excellent. I love the faucet. It has a very smooth action and feels like it will last for many years.  I stopped drinking the water from my old RO over a year ago. I hated the way it made me feel, although the taste wasn't phenomenal, either. The Sweetwater reverse osmosis system is amazing. It almost doesn't have a taste, compared to the local hard water, and I feel like I'm drinking good water. My entire body is responding to it. I also feel like an idiot for not having it installed sooner. It was a simple task for a seasoned plumber to knock out in less than an hour."

 Bill Ennis, LaVerkin Utah


"Before getting a home water filtration system from Jim, I used a pitcher water filter and would occasionally drink tap water.  With my new reverse osmosis system from Sweetwater, I fill bottles to carry with me wherever I go and LOVE the water!  I’m HOOKED on pure clean water and my body can feel the difference!  But, there’s one BIG PROBLEM…  when I travel, or go to a friend’s house that doesn’t have a good filtration system, the water tastes like crap – I can’t drink it.  I had no idea that for most of my life I had been drinking water that bad."

 Stephen Pierce, Monmouth, OR


"Jim -we did the “water test” and it was a no-contest winner for the reverse osmosis system water!  The Urban Defender system with the pre-filter does a good job but the RO system takes it up another notch to truly, bottled water quality, or should I say better than bottled water?"

Craig Umphrey, Terre Haute, IN


"Jim -I have had many types of RO water in the past, and your 6 stage reverse osmosis system produces a far superior drinking water to any I have ever tasted.  I was skeptical when we first placed our order because all the RO water I have ever tried tasted dead and awful.  When I first tasted the RO water after installing the system, I couldn't believe how fantastic it tasted!  Adding minerals back to the water after the RO process makes a huge difference! We also recently tested the energy levels of my well water compared to the RO.  A friend of mine who practices dowsing measured my body field and how it reacted while holding a glass of my home's well water and also with a glass of the RO.  My first thought was that the RO would reduce my body field.  In fact, it increased it by approximately 10 feet!”   

Chris Niesen, Watertown, WI


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