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Well Water Treatment Case Study


How Do You Go From Bad to Good Water?


What do you do when you want a home water filtration system? Most people look in their phone book for companies that sell such things. Mike Schierbeek, "went searching for companies. There were several that came to the house and they didn't give me the satisfaction that they were providing something that was in my best interest. They were all kind of able to solve this problem or that problem, but no solution that would solve all the things we wanted to do."

Mike and his wife, Judyne, were in the process of building a home in rural North Carolina at the time. They were moving from the city to the country to enjoy horses and a different lifestyle. They wanted a custom-made solution for their well water. The county agent had certified their well with a test that was very limited in scope. It showed they had hard water, but didn't list much else. The Schierbeeks knew their watershed was down from a mine, as well as agriculture land, and wanted pure drinking water.

After disappointing results from discussions with local water contractors, Mike turned to the internet. He came across Jim McMahon and Sweetwater LLC. Mike first purchased Jim's Ultimate Guide To Selecting The Perfect Water Treatment System.

"Jim's guide was very helpful, very informative. It is full of so much information," Mike said. "Some of the things we already knew and some of the things we didn't know, because we had used the public health department test which was very limited." Mike then talked to Jim who recommended a more thorough water test. "The test that Jim suggested showed that we had iron bacteria in our water."

With this information, Jim recommended a specific treatment system for the Schierbeek's home. As Mike will tell you, "Jim doesn't rubber stamp his solutions – You need this, but you don't need this. He gets it; exactly what you need." The Schierbeeks wanted clean, pure water and soft water as well. Jim designed a water-filtration system exactly to suit their needs and desires.

Their system is efficient and effective. Mike said, "I have to add media to the iron removal system and rock salt to the water softener. It is so little, I'm really surprised." Jim was also readily available when the plumber installed the system. "The instructions were easy, except the bypass was a little unusual. The plumber actually called Jim and Jim walked him through the installation."

Continuing customer service is also important to Jim McMahon. "After about 9-10 months the UV bulb system caused a problem," Mike Schierbeek said. "I called Jim and he was great. He went through a checklist of what it could be, and he narrowed it right down. And since I had called after the warranty was out, he even negotiated with the manufacturer in terms of getting me a good price on the replacement bulb."

Mike and Judyne Schierbeek are thrilled with the results of a custom-designed water-purification system from Jim McMahon and Sweetwater LLC. If you are in need of such a system, Jim can be reached at 970-259-2171 or




"What's in YOUR Water?"

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