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Sweetwater's Urban Defender Whole House Water Filtration System

 Customer Reviews


"My Urban Defender has changed my life.  I love it!  I used to worry about drinking and cooking with our tap water.  I knew family members were drinking from taps throughout the house. The incoming water quality was inconsistent, sometimes brown, and there was always the threat of plumes of chemical contamination from the Mass Military Reservation. After a couple of years of shopping for the right whole house water filtration system, I found Sweetwater online. Jim reviewed our situation and recommended the right combination of technologies for our water. I now feel comfortable drinking from any tap in the house. Thank you, Jim!"  

Aileen Gee; Falmouth, MA


"Because I have chemical sensitivities, allergies, and other health challenges, I need the purest water. You and I discussed my particular requirements and sensitivities and arrived at a customized set of components for whole house filtration, showering, and drinking. I intentionally waited a year after the installation to have the water analyzed by a national lab to see if the filtration components were each still doing a good job, even at the point in time when replacement filters were due. The various tests came back with results that were near perfect: in all cases contaminants and bacteria were below the national standard, and no contaminants and bacteria could be detected at all for the drinking water. This is the only filtration after many years and several systems that allows me to tolerate the water and have peace of mind about it. Thanks for your help and caring."

Diane; Asheville, NC

Sweetwater's Kitchen Defender Product Reviews:


"Your Kitchen Defender purifying system is fabulous"

Ken George, Madison, WI


"We provide a detox program in our office and after investigating many water filter systems that would comply with the standards we have provided for our patients -  yours: the Kitchen Defender has lived up to all its expectations and our patients have all noticed the pleasant difference in our water…"

Dr Ilan Bohm, Director Office of Integrative Medicine NYC , NY


"We've had our Kitchen Defender water filter for a bit now and I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I really love drinking this water!  The water tastes great - much better than the RO water we were getting from the store.  We also love that we can now make ice and have cold water at the fridge that's also filtered."

Bob Welsh, Salem OR

Sweetwater's Custom Reverse Osmosis System

 Customer Reviews

"Just wanted to give you a huge thanks for our new reverse osmosis system.  My girlfriend and I moved into a new apartment and noticed our energy and health was degrading rapidly.  I finally thought it may be the water because every time we drank it our mouths were more dry and we felt dehydrated.  I randomly looked up Sweetwater and began a dialogue with Jim.  He was amazingly helpful from the start.  He picked the perfect filter for our home, and since that time our health and energy have been amazing.  All our friends love to come over just to try our water.  My cousin even let her baby try his first water with our system because she wanted it to be pure.  I cannot thank Jim enough for how much he and his work have changed our life."

Joe LeBlanc, San Jose, CA


"Jim, your reverse osmosis system is excellent. I love the faucet. It has a very smooth action and feels like it will last for many years.  I stopped drinking the water from my old RO over a year ago. I hated the way it made me feel, although the taste wasn't phenomenal, either. The Sweetwater reverse osmosis system is amazing. It almost doesn't have a taste, compared to the local hard water, and I feel like I'm drinking good water. My entire body is responding to it. I also feel like an idiot for not having it installed sooner. It was a simple task for a seasoned plumber to knock out in less than an hour."

 Bill Ennis, LaVerkin Utah

Sweetwater's Seven Stage Whole House System


“I am 100% satisfied with your service.  A local person would not have done as much.  I have to admit that I was concerned, ordering from a person online, giving you my credit card, that the product would show up at all.  When it did I could see that the construction of the product is good.  The aluminum housing is strong and durable, the UV cylinder is stainless steel, the plastic is schedule 80…this unit will last for a long time.  I’m pleased all the way around.  You’ve been good.”

Joe Provenzano, Chalmette, LA


"Thank you so much for all your time and effort on this project.  We love the water!!. It is just like what we had up in the mountains from our well.  It is so neat to brush me teeth in the bathroom without having to use bottled water. The shower feels so different. I don't seem to be able to put words to it. I just feel cleaner and not so dry and itchy.. My hair loves the new water. I just have to use a dap of shampoo. It rinses squeaky clean in a flash (in a splashy flash!).

Thanks, Thanks and Thanks again for all your help. "


and from the same folks after a trip:


"Hi Jim, We just returned from a one month RV trip and it was so good to get home to our "clean" water. I stood in the shower for 15 minutes.  We are still so happy with our filtration system. Thanks again for making it all happen.   Sincerely,"  

Nancy Smith, Sparks, NV

  Air Purifier Customers tell it like it is


"I couldn't stand the smell of cooking odors in my home.  Now, within 15 minutes of cooking, the odors are gone.  Also, I have always had allergies.  They're not bothering me anymore either.  I love this machine.  It works.  It's worth every penny.  I like it so much....."

 Pat O'Hara, Los Angeles


"To be honest, when I bought an air purifier from Jim my husband was not totally convinced that it was doing anything.  Then one night we went to bed and I left chicken baking in the oven.  We woke at 3 AM to a horrible repulsive acrid smell.  The next day we decided to put our air purifier to the test.  We put the unit on sanitize and took a ride.  When we came home, there was not a hint of odor remaining.  It did a splendid job.  It was awesome.  My husband was stunned and is now it's biggest fan."

 Linda Kenney, Lincoln, DE

Sweetwater's Water Treatment Systems

Customer Feedback

 A water treatment system for a farm

"After moving into an old farm house and for the first time subjected to well water, we were concerned about the quality and drinkability of our water. There were also those bluish stains in the sinkbowl. Jim recommended a full chemical analysis that ultimately put our minds at ease. The stains indicated a Ph imbalance that was corrected with an injection system. In addition to safe water the house plumbing is no longer in harms way. James and his team are highly recommended."

Ron & Renee, Hinckley Ohio

Miscellaneous Customer Comments


“Dear Jim, you make me realize in a special way how our happiness depends on direct human relationships, with nothing standing in the way between full and honest communication of what knowledge each of us has.  Bless your enterprise.”

Russell DuPree, Freeport, Maine


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