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Sweetwater's Urban Defender Whole House Water Filtration System

 Customer Reviews


"My Urban Defender has changed my life.  I love it!  I used to worry about drinking and cooking with our tap water.  I knew family members were drinking from taps throughout the house. The incoming water quality was inconsistent, sometimes brown, and there was always the threat of plumes of chemical contamination from the Mass Military Reservation. After a couple of years of shopping for the right whole house water filtration system, I found Sweetwater online. Jim reviewed our situation and recommended the right combination of technologies for our water. I now feel comfortable drinking from any tap in the house. Thank you, Jim!"  

Aileen Gee; Falmouth, MA


"Because I have chemical sensitivities, allergies, and other health challenges, I need the purest water. You and I discussed my particular requirements and sensitivities and arrived at a customized set of components for whole house filtration, showering, and drinking. I intentionally waited a year after the installation to have the water analyzed by a national lab to see if the filtration components were each still doing a good job, even at the point in time when replacement filters were due. The various tests came back with results that were near perfect: in all cases contaminants and bacteria were below the national standard, and no contaminants and bacteria could be detected at all for the drinking water. This is the only filtration after many years and several systems that allows me to tolerate the water and have peace of mind about it. Thanks for your help and caring."

Diane; Asheville, NC


"The best tasting water I've ever had.  It's way better than any bottled water. 

Jim has provided impeccable service.  His genuine interest in the quality and taste of our water is reassuring.  Additionally, Jim has continued to follow through to check on our service needs and has responded quickly to all of our requests.  My wife and I give him our very highest recommendation."

Dan Walden; Corona, CA


"We have been extremely happy with the Urban Defender.  After researching for over a year, we have got the right product for us.  The water tastes great and we’re not exposed to chorine or other toxins, even in the shower.  And it’s been totally hassle-free thus far.

Our water tastes and smells great; no chlorine odor in the shower.  In fact, we recently had to disconnect it overnight, and my wife asked me why the water tasted so awful.  It is definitely one of the best purchases we have made.  Thank you for your assistance with the unit and with the installation."

David H. Levine, MD; Columbus, GA


" I have installed the Urban Defender and I absolutely love it. Knowing that the water I use to drink, wash dishes, do laundry, bathe and shower in gives me great pleasure. My family's health and well being are most important and the money spent was an investment in good health. Jim was very accommodating in helping me choose the right system, and offered great customer support. He was even happy to talk to our plumbing contractor during the installation process. I really enjoy not having to use those inept water filter pitchers and love being able to get a drink of pure fresh water out of any of my faucets. Thanks Jim, I highly recommend you, your products and your company. Here's to good health and great water."

Arnie Hammer, Portland, OR "


"Jim, we just thought we would write to again acknowledge how pleased we are that we installed our whole house water system last year.  Just like many others have said, the only downside to having the system is missing it so much when we are not at home.  You really notice the difference in the quality of water you are exposed to.  As for cost, given we were consuming about 2-4 quarts of bottled water a day before we installed the system, I would guess we have saved well over $3,000 thus far; which is well on the way of paying for the system and installation.  And we are not only drinking this great water, but we get to bathe in it as well.  Its like bathing in Fiji Water every day; how decadent! 

Thanks again for your advice and consul in selecting the right system for us and contributing to our overall health and wellbeing.  It  is really making a difference.  Thanks,"

 Duane  Orloske & Kate O'Brien; Windsor, CT



"My wife and I are real water drinkers.  We drink a lot of water and found ourselves at the water store every few days.  What a hassle! I searched the internet for alternatives and found Jim's website.  Something about the site appealed to me and I called.  Jim looked at our water and prescribed a treatment just for us.  We bought a system from him and now our water is great!  It's such a convenience to have great drinking water coming out of every tap. I can't believe I waited this long."

 Corey Scoffern

Aka 'The Grouch'

Van Nuys, CA


"Since we installed Urban Defender we have been very pleased.  The water tastes good right out of every tap in the house.  In our previous residence in Clearwater we had to install an under sink water filter and only get drinking water from that filter.  This has changed.  Thanks for your analysis of our public water and astute recommendation."

Steve Hayes

Clearwater, FL


"Just a short note of thanks for your knowledge and your products.  The installation of both the Urban Defender and the Reverse Osmosis system were straight forward and easy to follow.  You were at the ready on the other end of the phone with quick call back returns and all the right answers to the questions that did arise before, during, and after installation.  My family loves the taste of our great new RO water. The results in the shower is a much better quality of bathing water. My wifes skin is as soft as a baby.

Thanks again and many blessings on you, your family and your buisness."

 Chet Saniuk; Milford, MA


"To be able to go to my kitchen sink and draw a glass of fresh, great-tasting, drinkable, heathly water from my tap is more relying on bottled water for drinking.  But even better than that is to be able to soak in my tub or linger in my shower knowing that I'm not poisoning myself with the highly chlorinated water in provided by my city water supply. 

I am loving my water!  Thanks, Jim, for making fresh water affordable!"

Lynn Parks; Grants Pass, OR


"Hi James, it's been a couple of months since installing my UD. The biggest thing I have noticed thus far is how my skin appreciates it! I have sensitive skin and prior to having the UD it never felt soft after a bath or shower until I applied my oils or lotion. Now I feel clean and soft! My laundry has the same nice appeal as well.

Thank you for hanging in there while I was deliberating on which way to go."

Marci Riggs; Gilbert, AZ  


“I have two babies and after taking a shower my skin feels soft like their skin does.  It’s gone back to its original health. the water is so light and feathery you don’t want ot get out.  I never knew water could be like this.”

 Mark Bruderer, Irvine, CA


"After researching many different water treatment systems, we selected the Sweetwater system, and are 100% satisfied.  We were amazed at the low cost of the system, and its effectiveness in providing clean and better tasting water throughout our home.  While we were primarily focused on improving the quality of taste in our water, we are enjoying the added benefits in the laundry and shower with mineral buildup and residue virtually eliminated.

We have received many compliments from friends and guests about our water, thanks to Jim and his systems.  This is a great system, and Jim can help solve your water issues."

Jeff & Pat Ewins; Thousand Oaks, CA


"I found Jim on the web, so I was a bit wary at first.  I downloaded his article and followed his advice to check out our specific water quality report for LA. I was shocked to see how bad it was, but even more shocked at how none of the water purification companies with which I had spoken even addressed the specific problems in our water.   I talked to all the major and some minor companies.  Most were willing to sell me expensive systems but none were willing to even discuss with me what their system did. Plus, I wanted a whole house system. Most companies don't have that. Enter Jim.  I did reference checks and they came out great. Jim was thoroughly knowledgeable. He wasn't pushy. He worked with me on my time frame. His system was more reasonably priced than most companies and addressed our water issues.   Maintenance was less expensive than other systems. He helped our plumber install the system. He (re)assured me about the "warranty." He answered every e-mail and phone call promptly. He followed up. And most importantly, we are thrilled with our whole house system and are very happy we used the extra filtration system for drinking water. It does make a difference. No more bottles and soap scum. Plus, we are hoping we have done all we can to reduce our intake of chloramines, arsenic, and rest of the unbelievable list of carcinogens in our water. I highly recommend Jim."

Abigail Walsh; Los Angeles, CA


"I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy so when my wife told me that she bought your system I rolled my eyes...  But I have to say that I'm a believer now.  The water tastes and feels great and we drink from any faucet in the house.  I'm your biggest fan."

Vince Arcaro; Toluca Lake, CA


"First let me tell you how much I appreciate the incredible one on one service you supply.  We love our new urban defender water system.  We live in Madison, WI and I started wondering about our water when I saw the city constantly coming out to flush the lines in our neighborhood.  We don't live far from the airport and a old meat processing plant, so I thought I should due further investigation.  We had been buying all our drinking water because by husband has cancer and I was actually afraid of tap water.  And since we had done everything one could possibly do to battle cancer, water was my next battle.  I had read awful things about many of our U.S. cities and their water treatment plants.  And as it turns out, Madison's water is horrible.  I found you on the web and have been very happy ever since. And by the way, having you on the phone guiding him through it was above and beyond service I haven't witnessed in years.  Thanks again so much for everything.  You are the best."

David and Liz; Madison, WI


"It has been almost 2 years since we purchased and installed the whole home "Urban Defender" water filtration system and I can now without hesitation offer you my unqualified statement of satisfaction. The system completely transformed the quality of our drinking water, which now is pure tasting goodness. To say we are thrilled is an understatement! Maintenance -- the simple annual replacement of the system's 5 micron filter -- is a snap and cost effective. I congratulate you on a fantastic product and will continue to tell friends and associates about the benefits of clean and pure drinking water.  You know your stuff.  Sincerely,"  

David J. Peebler Montclair, NJ


The Urban Defender and 'blended' soft water - I'm putting in more systems that blend hard and soft water to achieve the benefits of both.

"We are extremely happy with the water systems.  The installer and installation was excellent.  The water is not slick.  It already seems to be a perfect balance.  I really appreciate the follow-up.  My wife is really pleased with the new taste of her coffee.  I would like to talk with you about a system for another home."


Daniel Reisfeld

La Jolla, CA



The Urban Defender and Water Revitalizer combined:


"The Plumber installed the system on Friday & it seems to be working great.  Now we get superfine bubbles out of all out taps.  The water looks white  because there are soooooo many bubbles but if we let it sit for a few minutes then they all go away. The water tastes nice now & "feels" better too." 

Brett Laboo, CA


The Urban Defender and Kitchen Defender combined:


"I am writing to thank you for your assistance in making the water supply in my home safe and healthy.  As I told you when we first talked, both Kate and I had gone through an extensive health assessment back in March at Sanoviv Medical Institute.  From that assessment we both found we had some degree of toxicity from heavy metals and chlorine, a common finding we found out.  Though the heavy metals may have many sources, including our drinking water, the chlorine had to be coming from our water supply as neither of us swim regularly. The doctors at Sanoviv also did educational programs while we were there and they said one of the best things anyone could do to improve and maintain their good health was to have a good source of clean uncontaminated water to both drink and bath in.

The Urban Defender system you provided us as well as the extra Kitchen Defender system set up to further increase the PH of the drinking water to over 7.0 has accomplished just that for us.  I cannot tell how wonderful it is to know the water we are using in our home is both safe and healthy. And it tastes GREAT too!  In addition, with all of the concern we have about global warming and the environment, it is also good to know we are now not adding to our carbon footprints by using bottled water.  I was amazed to find out from you that only one bottle of the water we were purchasing before we installed you systems used over a quart of oil to package, process and be delivered.  Now we enjoy even better water and within a few years it will be almost for free.

As many of your clients have pointed out, the only downside of installing your system is that when we are away from home we really notice the difference in the water.  We have begun to bring a few gallons of the water from home to drink when we travel by car, but there is nothing like being at home were we know the water is great no matter which tap we open.

Thank you again for contributing in such a large way to the health of our family.  It has made a big difference."

Duane and Kate Orlaske, Windsor,CT


"Hi Jim, I can happily report that all systems are Go, and not only is our water clean, fresh and smooth tasting but it even feels better. Beyond the physical attributes supporting the quality of our new water, there exists a real sense of confidence and peace of mind in knowing that the water we consume and absorb in a variety of ways each and every day is pure and healthful.  Your recommendation of The Urban Defender whole house system along with the polishing affect of the Triple Filtration Kitchen Defender really seems to fit the bill.  Thanks to you I no longer concern myself with the quality of the water I use.  Thanks for staying ever vigilant."

John Ciulla

Airmont, NY


"Dear Jim: Here I am, a few months after installing my new water filtration system and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it. I feel so much better knowing that the water I am drinking is truly pure and even energized!!!  By the way, it tastes great and I can definitely tell the difference!!"

  Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D.  Miami University, Oxford, OH 



The Urban Defender and Whole House Ultraviolet Light:


“Jim, I got this notice with my water bill in water in December:”

The Town of Lexington reports that the maximum contaminant level for coliform bacteria…. was exceeded during the month of November, 2006.

“It sure felt good to be prepared and ahead of the curve on this type of situation. I was wondering whether I really need the UV component of the water cleaning system, now I am glad I decided to add the UV option. I would be upset if I had not installed your system! No telling how much chlorine was added to correct this situation.

I hope all is going well with you, thanks for all of your help!”

John Toney, Lexington, SC


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