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Water Tasting Event

 Sweetwater LLC hosts a bottled water dinner

Epicurean Water and Food Pairing Event at Joe's Restaurant in Venice, CA - in collaboration with Michael Mascha of Fine Waters


Joe's Restaurant

formerly at 1023 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, California 90291 (now closed)

August 12, 2010 7pm $68 for dinner and water tasting, wine additional ~ $25 - $30


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Water is not just water. Enjoy a fine dining experience at Joe’s Restaurant and learn the difference between premium bottled waters and how to pair them with food.

At first glance, waters may not seem to have the individual characteristics like those that distinguish wines, but distinct differences become apparent when the attention is focused on water.

Like wine, water has terroir and it is a natural product that originates from a particular place with unique properties. That is of course if you drink premium bottled water. About 40% of the bottled water sold in the US is purified tap water. If it says ‘municipal source’ or ‘purified’ on the label it is simply local tap water processed using reverse osmosis. This is not what we refer to as premium bottled water.

There is nothing wrong with appropriately treated tap water and in some instances it can be filtered to taste quite good and be healthy for you. Tap water is for hydration and daily consumption while premium bottled water deserves a place at the table in an epicurean context. In other words, premium bottled water can enhance a fine dining experience.

Joe's restaurant in Venice is joining forces with FineWaters and Sweetwater LLC to bring an evening of food, wine and water pairing to Los Angeles. Six bottled waters will be tasted during a three course plus desert dinner that showcases how water can be matched with food and how different waters can enhance the dining experience.

By attending you will learn how to pair fine bottled water with particular foods.







Watermelon & yellow tomato gelee

water: Tasmanian Rain


Tasting of farmers market heirloom tomatoes

D’stephino buretta cheese, aged balsamic

water: SwissMountain and Borsec


Tuscan tomato, carnirolli risotto

Grilled Spanish prawn

water: Guiting and Sole Arte


Wild king salmon sous vide

baked yellow & red roma tomatoes

Chamomile tomato consommé

water: Iskilde


Sonoma lamb in three preparations

Tomatoes in those three preparations

water: Vichy Catalan


Tomato sorbet

Green zebra tomato, sungold tomato

Rocky sweet & ananas melons

Tomato syrup

water: Hawaiian Springs


Enjoying bottled water is not a new trend as many may presume. During the Roman Empire earthen jars filled with naturally carbonated water from Northern Germany (today’s Apollinaris) was transported to Rome at great expense and the 11 aqueducts streaming water into the city were rated according to the taste and quality of the water.

This unique tasting event provides the best introduction to the surprising richness of the taste experience of premium bottled water. By attending you will learn how to pair fine bottled water with particular foods. Make your reservation today!

Limited seating.


Event Sponsors:


Joseph Miller, Joe's Restaurant:

In September 1991, a small restaurant on the edge of an esoteric neighborhood in Venice, California, opened to rave reviews. Utilizing the talents and experience acquired from his training at the Culinary Institute of America, from cooking at such restaurants as Le Perroquet in Chicago, L’Orangerie here in Los Angeles, and from Michel Guérard in France at Eugenie-Les-Bains.


Michael Mascha, FineWaters:

Founder and Publisher of, the leading portal for bottled water aficionados, educating the consumer on the multitude of choices available in the world of fine bottled water. Mascha is instrumental in setting the "Bottle Water Etiquette", matching fine bottled water with food, selecting the right stemware and serving temperature. Mascha is involved in creating water menus for the hospitality industry and he is the author of “Fine Waters, a Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s most Distinctive Bottled Waters” called by many the “Bottled Water Bible”. Mascha holds a PhD in Anthropology and Communication Science from the University of Vienna and lives in Los Angeles and Texas. Fine Waters 


James P. McMahon, Sweetwater LLC:

During his years of experience restoring rivers and protecting endangered fish Jim came to realize the extent to which our water sources are dangerously contaminated. Seeking a way to help people while building on his experiences, Jim launched Sweetwater LLC in the fall of 2002. Jim provides individuals and businesses with water purification systems. Jim’s focus is on healthy water and customizing water purification systems to the specific water source and the goals of his clients.



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