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Sweetwater's Seven Stage Whole House System


“I am 100% satisfied with your service.  A local person would not have done as much.  I have to admit that I was concerned, ordering from a person online, giving you my credit card, that the product would show up at all.  When it did I could see that the construction of the product is good.  The aluminum housing is strong and durable, the UV cylinder is stainless steel, the plastic is schedule 80…this unit will last for a long time.  I’m pleased all the way around.  You’ve been good.”

Joe Provenzano, Chalmette, LA


"Thank you so much for all your time and effort on this project.  We love the water!!. It is just like what we had up in the mountains from our well.  It is so neat to brush me teeth in the bathroom without having to use bottled water. The shower feels so different. I don't seem to be able to put words to it. I just feel cleaner and not so dry and itchy.. My hair loves the new water. I just have to use a dap of shampoo. It rinses squeaky clean in a flash (in a splashy flash!).

Thanks, Thanks and Thanks again for all your help. "


and from the same folks after a trip:


"Hi Jim, We just returned from a one month RV trip and it was so good to get home to our "clean" water. I stood in the shower for 15 minutes.  We are still so happy with our filtration system. Thanks again for making it all happen.   Sincerely,"  

Nancy Smith, Sparks, NV


"Hi Jim, thank you for all your installation help by phone, it all worked out super.  We had our yearly visit from the family, all went well, I believe.  During this time I was quizzed about the your system several times by the doctor and her husband, the other doctor, along with our two mothers in laws.

As they were running out of the spring water they brought with them, I gave up a few bottles of our water from the frig, you can imagine the comparisons.  The mothers in law along with the doctors agreed ours is better, when they left they had filled the RV and frig with our water.

As you know we are on well water only, our city water / bottled water friends have stated they would in be lining up here if a hurricane takes out one of the bridges.  Some live on boats and are doing it now.  Thanx again Jim for your help and for letting us all know about this super water."

Michael Hart

Big Pine Key



"I appreciate your knowledge and passion for what you do and believe in.  You analyzed my   problem and found a solution.  You have gone above and beyond what most companies today  provide in customer service.  And, all with a smile and can do attitude.  You're the greatest!..."

 Francine Lucania, Kayenta, UT


I thought I'd let you know that we really like our new water filtration system.  It works very well and is a pleasure to drink directly from the kitchen faucet again. My husband has very dry skin and he has been pleasantly surprised by the improvement in his skin. Our "new" water doesn't leave him feeling parched after washing like the city water used to.  It was a worthy investment and  I only wish we'd done it sooner!  Thanks,  

Janene Aumiller, Arvada, CO


"We're happy with the system and confident that it's doing all that's intended.  I really like the air purifier I bought from Jim too. I have allergies and I'm sleeping much better now."

Glen Spofford, Black Canyon City, AZ


"The water tastes great!  This is an excellent product.  Everyone in our house enjoys the water. My son will be building a home in the spring and I’m going to advise him to buy one."

Bob Fuller, Grapevine, TX


"I really did not believe that anything would purify my nasty city water.  It was filled with chlorine and bacteria and impurities and many other things... I want to thank you for your dedication and your kindness through the service you've provided. Your patience was incredible throughout the installation process.  I now have the purest, cleanest water anybody can ask for.  I wouldn't trade my purified water with anything in the world."

Bernard Hachem, Alexandria, VA


"We like having no chlorine smell. Tastes really great and clean. It tastes so good I find myself drinking more water, which we all need to do for our health. I’m amazed at how bad the water was that we had been drinking.  I also love the way I feel after a shower, I actually feel clean if that is a feeling. The system is great.  Thank you so much…"

Julie Hagan, Spring Hill, TN


"I purchased and installed this system for my new home in mid 2006.  I am very pleased with the quality water I get from this system.  Guests in my home tell me it is the best water they have ever tasted.  I agree.  I have had a few issues with the system since instillation, and Jim has been readily available with support.  I can tell he is more than just a salesman.  I have never met Jim, but would love to shake his hand someday while thanking him personally for his expertise and to provide me true “service after the sale”  I am very pleased with Sweetwater's seven stage system, but even more pleased with James McMahon!

 Dr. Ken Turner, Joplin, MO


“We live a few miles from town on a farm with well water and for years we had our drinking water delivered weekly. We always wanted to reach a point where we could drink our own well water, but we were never satisfied with the solutions on the market until we came across the SpringHouse system. We now have clean, sweet-tasting, sweet-smelling drinking water from our well thanks to the SpringHouse system. No more weekly deliveries of bottled water. We are thrilled!”

 Lon van Geloven; South Lyon, MI


"We bought a system from Jim and now our water is now perfect!"

Beckie Moses, Lilburn, GA

The same folks a year later:

“We have just completed our first filter change and for those of you who have not experienced this ---it was a breeze.  But you need to know the REAL benefit to this system --- Jim McMahon.  Besides being attentive and concerned, he is a professional, his concern goes beyond “the deal” – he is truly committed to each customer he has and I can tell you that if there was a gold standard for customer service –Jim McMahon would be that standard.  Everything he says he will do – he does. He follows up endlessly until your questions are answered (or he gets them answered) and you are completely satisfied.  And more importantly, he has done all the homework ---the Springhouse IS the best water system --  for Atlanta , a well known water cesspool, our water is like the purest mountain spring water you could get and the taste –well, I never really drank water before ---didn’t like it really --- but I am a total convert!”   

Patti & Beckie


Sweetwater's Seven Stage System Combined with the Kitchen Defender:


Anna and Bob Perkins; Yorkville, IL:

“Our water tastes sweet, like water from the streams in the mountains when I've been hiking in the mountains of my native Romania.  In fact I was in a bagel shop the other day and drank some bottled water.  I nearly choked!  When I got home that night I told Bob how fortunate we are to have your water systems.” 



“Your knowledge of the products, how to install them and about water generally is unparalleled.  It is certainly nice as a customer to have someone patient and knowledgeable on the other end of the telephone line especially considering how important issues of clean air and water are to the health of our family.  We are very happy with the water.”



"I wanted you to know that we love our whole house and kitchen systems.  The water from the faucet tastes better than the spring water that we (used to) buy.  My wife says that she has noticed that our clothes seem to be whiter, she would know!"

Micheal L. Ocello, St. Louis, MO


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