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Thank You




Thank you for requesting information about my seven stage whole house water purification system.


You will receive an email containing that information in just a few moments.


My service to you is intended to be unique. I distinguish myself by providing you the tools and information to make an informed decision about how best to treat your water.


Whether or not this particular water treatment system will meet your needs and treat your water appropriately depends entirely on what is wrong with your water. If this system does not meet your needs, I don't want you to own it. On the other hand, it is by far my preferred treatment system if your water quality is such that this system will work for you. And if not, I carry a full line of specialty treatment equipment, or you can purchase the appropriate system elsewhere.


I urge you to follow the steps outlined in my Guide to Selecting the Appropriate Water Treatment System and also urge you to contact me with your water issues.


Please call or email me after you review the information on my system. We can then jointly decide if it will meet your needs.



Thank you for asking,



Jim McMahon




Sweetwater, LLC

Toll-free: 866-691-4214




I don't take American Express