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Water Systems vs. Private Wells

One cannot automatically state that a public water system is better or worse than a private well. What is in your water depends entirely on where that water comes from and the land, people, and processes it experiences before it gets to you.

If you are on a public water supply then in many cases you can find your water quality report online. Public suppliers are regulated by the state and subject to federal EPA water quality standards. One requirement is that they test their water on a regular basis. The other is that they produce a report. If you're in a city or receive city water, then start your search by going to Google and entering: City of (fill in the blank) water quality report. The sift through the results and see if you can find your data. You may have to add the state.

You can go to this site and learn if your water supplier has any violations. And you can see how we can help you improve the quality of the water you and your family consume on a daily basis by visiting Water Knowledge. Here you will see an overview of the problems we face today with our water supply and some solutions that we offer to you.

If your water source is a private well, your own well for instance, then there is no way to determine what it's physical characteristics are and what contaminants it might contain other than to test the water. For the most part you can get a sense for what you might be concerned about by looking around you on the landscape. If you're in the midst of farmland, be concerned about herbicides and pesticides. The same is true for lands with estates that maintain large lawns. If you're near a city or suburban area there may be runoff from roads and vehicles or perhaps industrial pollutants.



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