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ecologist James P McMahon

I am available for interviews with the press about water quality issues. When news stories come up I can comment from a scientific perspective.

I started Sweetwater LLC in 2002 and sell water purification systems for residential and commercial use. My unique approach is that I don’t sell any products to anyone without first looking at their local city water report or well water test in order to identify the contaminants which must be removed. My goal is always to provide healthy water for drinking and bathing. My work is based on science.

My background is in Ecology and I hold a B.S. from the University of Illinois. I have additional training in river hydrology and ecology with The Nature Conservancy and Dave Rosgen with Luna Leopold (former head of USGS) and have studied Deep Ecology at Naropa University.

The science of Ecology is the study of natural systems. Over millennia life on the planet has developed into sustainable communities consisting of a diversity of life. If man were wise enough to observe these we would learn that they provide models of sustainability. These systems operate on huge levels involving large landscapes and global processes.

Deep Ecology is the notion that all environmental problems are rooted in man’s ego. This may be demonstrated in man’s lack of regard for natural environmental systems or in the notion that he can fix them.

Besides news stories involving water pollution I often blog about issues that pertain to people who want to filter the water coming into their home. The water industry is rampant with false claims and erroneous beliefs. These are often promoted by would be experts with absolutely no basis in fact. Or, conversely, the industry is often guilty of using NSF certifications to make claims which are also misleading:

The result is that consumers are often misled and buy the wrong products.

In my past life working on river restoration or in the development of the recycling industry nationally I have been quoted hundreds of times by the press and have been interviewed by local and national television, testified before Congress, and written numerous opinion editorials and magazine articles.

You may view my resume and bio here.

You may contact me during business hours by calling 970-259-2171 during the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM Mountain Time. 

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