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Would You Like to be Drinking

PURE Water?



Pure water does not exist in nature nor is there any single system that will produce it. But you can get pretty darn close.

Reverse Osmosis and distillation come the closest to producing 'pure' water. However, each of these treatment types have negative issues associated with them. In the case of reverse osmosis these can be overcome with the appropriate counter measures. I have a customized system that does just that. You may request information on that system here: Reverse Osmosis

But reverse osmosis is not the panacea that it is often made out to be. Not everyone needs it.

In order to determine what treatment type is best for your family you must start by looking at your own water source. Once we identify the contaminants in your water I can recommend the best water purification system, whether whole house, kitchen or both, for you.

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Sweetwater's Home Water Purification Systems


As the 'universal solvent' water collects minerals and contaminants even as it falls to the earth as rain. You can, however, treat water to remove contaminants, thus making it healthy for your family.


There is a substantive debate about what type of water is healthiest, with some 'experts' advocating the use of spring water while others suggest distilled. Those are diverse extremes. Still others are selling alkaline ionizers.


I learned long ago that when highly educated people disagree to such an extent that the truth lies somewhere in between.


It is my personal preference to drink water with minerals, like the water in a river would provide. I say this because this is what we have been drinking, as humans living on the planet, since the beginning of our history. So in my view, this is what the body is adapted to.


But in the early times of man, river water was not polluted.


And so I have come to conclude that what system provides you with the healthiest water depends on what is in your water to begin with.


For instance, if you are drinking Potomac River water there is no question that I will recommend reverse osmosis. The same is true for many of our nation's great rivers....because they are grossly contaminated with stuff that will kill you - even in small doses.


Many people suggest that reverse osmosis water is 'dead'. This is nonsense. There's no such thing as dead water. In many case, reverse osmosis will provide you with the healthiest water possible.





I have developed a customized RO system that overcomes the objections to the reverse osmosis process. You may request more information about the reverse osmosis systems I provide by emailing me at: Sweetwater's Custom Reverse Osmosis Systems


Whether you have city water or well water, I can help you identify what's in your water and provide a treatment system to remove it, either whole house or at the kitchen sink.



You can learn about all of my products and services, here:


Whole House Water Purification and Services

"What's in YOUR Water?"

Jim McMahon, pure healthy water

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