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Exposure to Round Up has been linked to breast cancer in a new study.

Showering in water containing Round Up will expose your breasts to the pesticide. Round Up, aka Glyphosphate, can be present in your water.

If your water source is groundwater because you live in an area where there is farming your well can contain Round Up. Or, if your water source is a river or lake and there is farming upstream of where you live it may also contain this and other pesticides. Glyphosphate is only one of numerous pesticides in use by farmers that may be in your water.

Previous studies have linked Round Up to other types of cancer. This study provides a link to breast cancer.  Here’s an excerpt from the study published in ‘frontiers in genetics’.

“It is assumed that only 5–10% of cancers are directly caused by inherited genetic abnormalities. The remaining 90% of cancers are linked to environmental factors that directly or indirectly affect DNA, possibly triggering genetic defects or aberrations in the reading and/or expression of DNA” (Perera, 1997Anand et al., 2008).

Round Up Linked to Breast Cancer

Round Up has been linked to breast cancer. The article above talks about other studies implicating the pesticide in various health issues. It’s best to avoid contanct entirely.

What can you do to limit your exposure to this and other unregulated pesticides in your water? First you can attempt to determine if they are present by analyzing your water source. Not everyone has water containing pesticides. If they are present your best safety is a whole house water filter using the right type of carbon. Be sure to purchase the right one for your water.

Depending on what other contaminants are in your water you may wish to use a home water purification system that includes several components. Before choosing such a system be sure to locate your water quality report. That will tell you quite a bit, but you may also have to read between the lines. Once you find the report call me and I will interpret it for you. I’ll also make a recommendation on which water treatments will give you full protection.


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